Queensland’s Major Projects Pipeline

A report that helps the industry to plan its future. With data sourced directly from government and the private sector, we provide state-wide visibility and awareness of Queensland’s infrastructure plans. View the overview below, then jump in to the full report and database to make sure you are prepared.

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Didn’t make it to the livestream?

Adrian Hart, report author from BIS Oxford Economics, speaks about the reports key findings followed by a Q&A session with Priscilla Radice (IAQ) and Jon Davies (QMCA).

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This pipeline report gathers data from 222 projects, each with a value of $50m+, organised into 11 sectors.

The long standing Queensland Major Projects Pipeline Report (QMPPR) developed by the Queensland Major Contractors Association (QMCA) and the Infrastructure Association of Queensland (IAQ).

Source: BIS Oxford Economics, QMCA and IAQ member knowledge

The pipeline outlook.

There is $50.6b in total major project work in the pipeline between 2019/20 and 2023/24 inclusive. This is comprised of $27.4b in funded work and $23.2b in unfunded work.

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funded vs unfunded by sector

The disconnect between public and private investment is becoming more pronounced.

Private sector funding is a persistent weak point in the pipeline. Last year, the value of funded private sector work was $8.3b, compared to $7.6b in this report. More worryingly, the value of privately funded work announced or under procurement has nearly halved from $3.5b last year to just $1.8b this year.

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Bushfires, droughts, floods - the risks and challenges of environmental sustainability.

Environmental sustainability is a visceral issue for many Australians, particularly with recent disastrous bushfires across eastern Australia and crippling droughts and floods. These events are highlighting the risks and challenges associated with ensuring environmental sustainability.

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Funded Major Project Work over the next 5 years by Region

Regional outlook - substantial disparity and mixed fortunes.

Around 40% of all funded work in the pipeline is focused in south east Queensland with Greater Brisbane expected to see the highest levels of work. Meanwhile, more of the riskier, unfunded projects lie in the central, northern and western regions of the state where investment in resources, large water projects (such as dams) and electricity generation projects are more prominent, however typically unfunded.

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Construction outlook - productivity, capacity, and capability.

Queensland construction labour productivity has seen minute historical growth, with 2018/19 productivity returning to levels seen in the early 2000s. The figure above provides a time-series of construction labour productivity since 1997/98, highlighting the lack of growth in the 20-year time span, both nationally and in Queensland.

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