We are proud to introduce the 2019 Queensland Major Projects Pipeline Report to you – an initiative of the Queensland Major Contractors Association (QMCA) and the Infrastructure Association of Queensland (IAQ).

The Pipeline Report captures early stage information enabling our members and wider market to plan for their future including resourcing and capacity. For government and private sector infrastructure proponents, this ensures healthy and sustainable competition in the market and successful delivery of major infrastructure.

A unique aspect of the Pipeline is that the data is sourced directly from both government and the private sector, providing state wide visibility and awareness of Queensland’s economic infrastructure plans. The report provides a pipeline of projects around a set of six standardised stages through the project lifecycle. As projects move through the defined stages, from inception to business case, investment decision, procurement and then construction, the report ensures the market is kept informed and up to date. Our report also sends a strong signal to potential infrastructure investors that a highly motivated engineering sector exists, with designers, contractors and service providers eminently capable of preparing for and delivering world class major engineering projects.

At time of print, communities in Northern Queensland are recovering from the devastating impacts of recent heavy rains and flooding. Given the scale and financial impact to governments, it is likely that a number of projects listed will be re-prioritised so that affected communities can receive the necessary funding to recover in the shortest time possible. As reconstruction planning unfolds, both our associations will provide their members with updates to any impacted projects and advise of newly created reconstruction packages.

The greatest threats to a sustainable pipeline of projects remain the identification of investable projects, availability of funds and timely investment decisions. This year’s report also highlights an unusual concentration of activity emerging in very large major projects above $500m in value, that could also threaten the sustainability of parts of the supply chain. The ability of governments to package projects in a way that maximises local industry participation has assumed even greater importance to the continued short-term sustainability of the major projects sector.

As industry peak bodies we are committed to working hard for our members and to promoting Queensland as a world leading destination for economic development and new infrastructure investment. We look forward to working with all our stakeholders in 2019 to grow the pipeline of major projects in our great State.

Sincere thanks to our partner BIS Oxford Economics for their expert guidance, compilation of the project listings and the detailed independent analysis that underpins the report. We also acknowledge our outgoing partner Construction Skills Queensland for their past contributions to development of the report and for their sponsorship this year along with collaborative partners Accura Consulting, Cbus, Construction Skills Queensland, Dial Before You Dig, Pumps United, and regional partners Plangrid, BMD, Economx and ARTC.

Through the support of our sponsors, it has been possible to improve the report format to enhance the reading experience and provide access to key report data through a dedicated website